Eagle Cane Project

The on-going project of our club is our Eagle Cane Project.  A  hand-turned cane was created, and attached to a hand-carved Eagles' head, and presented to Veterans.  As a collaborative effort between our club, the Grand Valley Wood Carvers, and the Black Canyon Wood Carvers, we identify potential recipients and create a one-of-a-kind presentation cane for them.

Eagle Cane Project

In tribute to individual wounded veterans, the artisans of the three clubs are combining their unique skills to create an artistic representation of support and respect.

Each cane is turned by members of the our woodturners club.  Members of the woodcarvers clubs will hand carve the eagle head.  The cane is painted, stained or woodburned and includes an inscription of the recipient-veterans name, rank, and unit.  Each cane is a unique combination of each artist's skill.

If you are a veteran, you know a western Colorado area veteran you would like to nominate, or would like more information, contact us.

You can also download an application in PDF format for your convenience.