Next Meeting:

Second Tuesday of the Month at the

Redlands United Methodist Church

Monthly Challenge and Demo:

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Welcome to our home.  We're just a group of woodturners who get together once a month to share ideas and show off what we've been doing.  We're a mixture of young and seasoned turners, some have real jobs, and others are retired and play in their shops just to stay out of their wife's way.  We cover all skill levels, and each have our own unique areas of interest, and expertise.  In other words, we're just like you ... we're passionate about spinning wood and sharpening tools.

We come together to show-off our own work, and to pick up hints and ideas from others.  Regardless of where we're at in our ability, there is a shared passion that can only be appreciated by someone else who has put in the hours of placing steel to slab.  Whether it's an exotic wood species, or problems with a finish, someone has experienced the issue before, and more than likely, has figured out how to make something work.

Whether it's a piece to use, or a piece to show off, your first, or hundred and first, you have something to add to our little group, and we in-turn, have something to share with you.  I'm not aware of anyone yet that has come, and at least not taken something new away with them. 

We are an AAW (American Association of Woodturners) affiliated club.  As such, this gives us access to numerous reference libraries and symposium news.