As part of your membership to the Grand Valley Woodturners, you will gain access to our ever-growing library of woodturning books and DVD's. Below is a list of our current library items:


AAW Who We are
AAW 2004 Symposium Volume 1 & 2
AAW 2005 Symposium Volume 1 & 2
Blind Hollow Turning - by David Ellsworth
Bowl Turning - by Del Stubbs
Skew Chisel - by A. Batty
Turn it Up - Clewes 3-disc set
Turning Wood - by Raffan

Variety of videos of turning demos done during our meetings


Art of the Lathe (The), Spielman
Craft Of Woodturning, D. Nish
Craft Of Woodturning, J. Sainsbury
Craftsman Woodturner (The)
Woodturners Bible (The), Blank Ford
Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys, Bridgewater
Woodturning Wizardry, D. Springett


American Woodturner - from 2007
Put A Lid On It - AAW
Resource Directory - 2008/2009
Turning Green - AAW
Woodturning Design - 10 issues